1) Wishing the teachers, elders
2) Respect for elders and teachers
3) Body posture while talking to elders
4) Being polite and courteous
5) Wishing the teachers as soon as they enter the class and standing up when leaving the class
6) Being kind, considerate and compassionate


1) Ability to think and act differently “Out of the box thinking”
2) Art, Literary work and music
3) Divergent thinkin

Dignity of Labour/Work

1) Picking up papers in the school. Keeping the classroom clean.
2) Ready to do any work in the interest of the class room or institution.
3) Having a proper attitude towards workers at home and in school
4) Attitude towards any work itself
5) Avoid class discrimination
6) Not to feel superior but helping others.
7) Learning different kinds of work and volunteering to work
8) Willing to participate in community development projects. (out reach)
9) Having equal respect for intellectual and manual workers.


1) Towards Parents, Teachers, Friends, School
2) Being Appreciative in character than critical having an attitude of gratitude “Thank You”, “Please”
3) Constructive attitude in looking after and taking proper care of the school belongings


1) Volunteer Students
2) Activities of the classroom and school
3) Ideas and Suggestions (Constructive) and willing to implement them
4) Active, agile and enthusiastic


1) To the school
2) Being proud of their school
3) Being a proper witness inside and outside school in their behaviour, dress and demeanour especially while travelling in the bus
4) Looking after the furniture
5) Being regular for various practices
6) Being present for various school functions – Teacher Day, P.T. activity, involved in cheering for House/School terms in various competition.


1) Sense of Urgency
2) At School Assembly
3) On time for class
4) Library
5) P.T.
6) After Break
7) Regular to school


1) Notice Board
2) Assembly
3) Switching off fans and lights
4) Keeping the classroom clean
5) Responsible behaviour
6) Accountable and Dependable
7) Does his/her assigned work with sincerity and dedication and enthusiasm


1) Being tolerant towards the peer group
2) Avoid abusive language and violence
3) Being calm and reflective
4) Not being aggressive and arrogant to wards teachers, elders and seniors
5) Be a good listener