Remember that education begins at home. A joint effort by the school and parents will alone help to reach the desired goal of all-round development of your children. We request you to go through the following guidelines and abide by them.

1. Provide basic amenities at home and create an atmosphere conducive to study.

2. Inculcate in your wards from childhood itself love for order and punctuality, sense of cleanliness, spirit of discipline, hard work, good behaviour and self-reliance.

3. Check the note books and student’s handbook of your children regularly and take care that the lessons and homework assigned to them for the following day are done. remarks made in the handbook should be gone through and countersigned regularly.

4. Parents are requested to attend the Parent –Teacher meeting in time, to collect the results and to discuss the progress of their wards with the teachers concerned. on the result day (open house) the students should have their handbooks with them. Attendance of students will be taken on the Parents-teacher meeting day as it is considered a working day. Absentees will have to get the leave sanctioned from the Principal before the resumption of classes. results will be given to only those who come with parents/guardians. Parents will not be permitted to take the corrected answer scripts home. Any clarification regarding the results must be done before they leave the school on the parents-teacher meeting day.

5. It is possible to educate the child with good example by the co-operation of the parents/guardians with the Principal and the staff. A parent/guardian must respect the Principal and staff all the time. Parents/guardians shall not criticize the Principal/staff in front of the children. It does more harm to children than to staff. Any complaint with regard to educational matters or any other suggestion for improvement shall be made to the Principal in the office in writing.

6. Since absence from classes will hamper your child’s progress in studies, you should take care not to request for leave without sufficient reason. Any leave of absence up to three days is to be sought from the Principal through the Student’s handbook and for more than three days a separate application is to be submitted within three days of such absence.

7. Nobody is allowed to enter the class or staff room and meet the children or interview the teachers during school hours without the expressed permission of the Principal.

8. When corresponding with the school about your child you are requested to mention besides the name of the child, also the class and the section in which he/she is reading.

9. The school authorities are not responsible for the safety of any pupil outside school hours or outside school premises.

10. School buses are available for the children with prior permission from the school authorities.

11. The bus staff will not be able to pick up the children from each home and so children have to wait and get the bus from the particular bus stops only.

12. The name of the children are to be registered with the school office before the use of the school bus .once registered, it remains on rolls till the end of the academic year. Cancellation is not allowed during the academic year.

13. Travelling by school bus without permission is an offence and they will have to pay the transportation fee with suitable penalty.

14. Private tuition hampers the real progress of the students. Therefore, it is essential that we avoid tuitions. No tuition should be arranged with the school teachers.

15. Parents are requested to be available for discussion in the school regarding the progress /conduct of your child should the Principal deem it necessary.

16. Since the medium of instruction is English Parents are requested to encourage their children to read at home English journals and converse in English as well.

17. Parents are to sign an undertaking at the time of admission that they are prepared to abide by the rules and regulations of the school and withdraw their children, should the school authorities feel that their continuance is detrimental to the achievement of the objectives of the school.